Apex Remodeling and Renovation Process

Our most valuable assets are our clients — you, the homeowner. With this in mind, we know that construction projects within your home can be stressful for many reasons.

Our objective at CORE Remodeling, a leading home remodeling company serving Cary, Apex and beyond, is to create a plan and timeline that assists in enhancing the design and construction experience while minimizing any inconvenience.

CORE Remodeling has set forth below what we believe our clients can reasonably expect during the process in order to establish a level of expectation for the homeowners and ourselves. While this process is being described under ideal conditions, many factors will influence the actual results.

Phase I: Initial Discussions & Planning

  • We sit down for a free, in-home, no-obligation consultation.
  • CORE Remodeling will provide design recommendations and layout the scope of the work to the homeowner.
  • Bilateral discussions will ensue between CORE Remodeling and the homeowner.
  • We will follow up with trades, usually onsite, to confirm the scope and cost of work involved.

Phase II: Proposal

  • CORE Remodeling prepares and delivers a proposal, which includes a preliminary design. The design is a collaborative exchange between the homeowner and CORE Remodeling. It is not unusual for either party to engage design firms, engineering firms or interior decorators along the way.
  • The contract is signed.
  • Engineering and permitting is completed.

Phase III: Material Selection

  • Shopping by the homeowner for materials.
  • The shopping process will be on an accompanied or unaccompanied basis. CORE Remodeling will instruct the approved vendors in advance to present products within the defined scope and budget contained within the contract.
  • CORE Remodeling Group’s shopping process involves long-standing vendor relationships that have proven track records in supplying, installing, servicing and warranting their materials. Any products, materials or supplies suggested by the homeowner outside of our approved vendors are not recommended.

Phase IV: Construction

  • Demolition and construction begins.
  • Floors and furniture are covered for protection. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove or protect expensive furniture, antiques and artwork.

Phase V: Cleanup

  • Construction projects create dust and debris. CORE Remodeling endeavors to maintain a clean jobsite throughout the project.
  • We will provide on-site trash bins and removal throughout the construction phase.
  • We will organize any construction materials as neatly as possible and will leave a “broom swept” site at the end of each day.

CORE Remodeling is available to homeowners in Apex and Cary. We also serve Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Holly Springs and Morrisville. Reach out to our family-owned general contracting company today at (919) 290-2909.