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Home Additions

Core additions to your Raleigh-area home are a sensational way to update, reinvigorate, and reinvest in your home. CORE Remodeling can provide beautiful, affordable home additions of all sizes to homeowners of all needs.


Kitchen Remodeling

By updating countertops, cabinet doors, flooring, or backsplashes, CORE Remodeling can do what it takes to turn your kitchen into a whole new living space. Thrive in your kitchen with a remodel that you experience every day.


Bathroom Remodeling

A remodeled bathroom instantly improves the day-to-day routine of homeowners while also serving as a personal oasis. Our team will install sinks, showers, tile, and more to give you the dream bathroom you have always wanted.

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Our Latest Projects

Explore some of our favorite remodels and get inspired by all that your home can be.

How CORE Remodeling Works

We are passionate about remodeling–to us, it is more than stone and drywall.

A Customized Approach

Every residential renovation we perform is completely customized to the exact tastes of the customer. No matter how extensive the remodel is or where in your home it takes place, the goal is always the same: deliver something truly remarkable.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Our customers return to us because they know CORE will treat them like family. We are a family-owned and operated business that knows the value of the extra mile. When you come to CORE for a home renovation, you will get what you ask for and enjoy the process.