6 Creative Ways to Utilize Your Backyard this Fall

It’s that time of year again…the leaves are starting to turn and fall, nights and mornings are foggy and crisp. The outdoor atmosphere beckons to be enjoyed. Fall is coming and it’s time to whip your backyard into a space worth roasting marshmallows in. We’ve done a little research and come up with 7 creative ways to renovate any space you have into a worthwhile outdoor living area.


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1. Fire Pits &  Places

What with cooler weather on its way, it’s only right that you cozy up your backyard area with a stone or brick fire encasement. With a variety of styles and sizes available, there is definitely a way to keep warm this fall.



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2. Stone or Brick Benches

To seamlessly accommodate more people at social events in your backyard, incorporate stone or brick benches into your overall fireplace design. With the right throw pillows, this look can last a lifetime and will easily allow for a hearty gathering at home.

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3. An Outdoor Kitchen

Why not go all the way? Don’t miss a moment of the game during a luxury tailgate in your own backyard with a full kitchen and grill outside.

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4. A Sprawling Garden

Accompany your back patio and fireplace with a gorgeous garden to enhance the colorful fall foliage. While, at this point, many plants will have to wait until spring to be planted, it’s a great idea to go ahead and begin planning for your garden’s layout and composition. Gardens are a great way to continue to transform your backyard all year long.


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5. Add a Hot Tub

An often-overlooked way to stay warm when the cooler weather hits is a patio jacuzzi. Inset or out-of-ground, hot tubs can make an ordinary patio space indulgent and homey.

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6. String Some Lights

Add some whimsy to your backyard patio with stringed lights and big bulbs. The timeless, Christmas-y look will add a dose of holiday cheer to your backyard gatherings.



Ready to Renovate?

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