Bathroom Backsplash Inspiration

Here at CORE Remodeling we like to provide our customers with top quality service, expertise, and finished products. We draw inspiration from our every day, but sometimes we like to explore things a little further and get creative with it. We specialize in custom bathroom remodeling so we decided to pull together a collection of bathroom backsplashes that spark our inner innovative geniuses.

Subtle color is always a great way to liven up a bathroom space. This light, irridescent blue works well with the white. The wall brings out the texture in the marble countertops as well, utilizing a motley of character, giving the space a unique and modern vibe. The blue is the same color as the accent wall as well, tying the entire room together for a sleek look.

These quirky stones create a bubbly backdrop for this stylish and unique bathroom. The backsplash is complemented by an electric blue countertop and backlit, rounded mirrors.

The earthy greens and browns of this bathroom backsplash carry on into the open shower. This is a seamless transition and it grounds the entirety of the bathroom–reminiscent of a spa or sauna. The color choices are very relaxing and down-to-earth.

This whimsical backsplash is small and delicate, but its quaint nature allows it to bring out the navy cabinets and liven up the neutral color of the walls. This backsplash is proof that all of them needn’t be bright and bold. Sometimes subtlety is the best way to go in that it can brighten up a room in a way that will surprise you.

This lively apple green backdrop is pulled together by the drawer and cabinet knobs of identical color. The rest of the bathroom’s coloring is relatively basic and neutral, giving the green a chance to be center of attention. Although the color itself is audacious, the way in which it is tastefully incorporated into the room allows the backsplash to energize the room rather than overwhelm it.

This backsplash is huge–it covers almost an entire wall in this bathroom, but it can get away with it. Going back to the benefit of earthy colors, the expansive wall is toned town because of the color selection. Irridescent purples, greens, and browns, make for an interesting work of art. It’s tied together by the dark wood of the cabinets and the deep neutral hues of the walls, and the statement sink piece.

Have Some Bathroom Remodeling Ideas?

These rooms all have entirely different vibes, and their respective backsplashes each make for an excellent artistic complement to the room’s aesthetic. If you have some ideas for you own bathroom backsplash, call our Apex remodeling experts at 919-290-2909 or fill out our contact form.

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