Best Fall Home Improvement Projects – Part II

In Part 1 of our Best Fall Home Improvement Projects from last month, we listed some common renovations that need to be scheduled in autumn. Most Apex home damages caused by the heat of summer should be repaired, while preventative maintenance should be scheduled in the Fall to prevent damages from the cold weather coming.

North Carolina winters are unpredictable. Some days it’s cool, other days warm, followed by freezing temps, only to be warm a few days later. These extreme weather changes are hard on your house, especially during the freezing time where small cracks and gaps could appear in front of your house, or damages on your plumbing systems. This is why in this second part, we at Core remodeling wanted to focus on some Apex exterior house improvement projects that could be useful to prevent any additional charges caused by mother nature.


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Roof Repair

Cold and freezing temperature from a Cary winter can be damaging to a roof, causing leaks. You could prevent any of this aggravation by repairing your roof in the Fall. Any leaks in your home’s roof should be fixed in advance of the first freezing rains or snowfall. We would recommend hiring a professional and qualified crew that can assess and fix your leaky roof quickly and safely.

Deck Protection

Decks get a lot of using during summer but as the leaves change color and announce the arrival of the colder month, it is time for you to prepare your deck. To remove any dirt that is stuck in the wood grain, power-wash the deck with a high-velocity pressure washer. This will prevent any growing weathered gray wood, rust spots, stains from mildew, moss, algae and tannin-bleed. Warm Fall days are also a good time for you to reseal the deck if you use a sealant or stain. Cooler days require starting the process in the morning to be sure your deck has several hours of dry time before nightfall.

Exterior Paint

The warm days of fall in North Carolina offer enough time to paint your exterior before winter. A touch-up can help preserve the life of your paint or adding siding can help you save money in the future! We recommend you avoiding paint application on days when the temperature will dip colder than 45 to 50 degrees.

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Insulate Exposed Plumbing

To prevent any freezing and bursting from your exterior plumbing in winter, we recommend you to winterize your exterior hoses and plumbing as well as your sprinkler systems or water features. Non-insulated plumbing lines in an area with freezing temperature are a major cause of power use. The water heater must work harder to heat water causing extra charge on your bill. Check all your plumbing lines to identify those that are outside your house or in an unheated basement and call a local professional who can make quick work of winterizing your exposed plumbing lines.

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