Best Fall Home Improvement Projects – Part I

Commonly, most Apex home owners begin home improvement projects in the springtime and schedule them throughout the summer. Which make sense…Who doesn’t want to enjoy the warm weather from Spring? Windows open, radio on….. But what if Spring isn’t the best time to complete some of these projects?

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Some home renovation projects require a gentle climate to be achieved, while other projects require repairs to damage caused by the heat and humidity from Summer or simply preparing the house for Winter. In scheduling your renovation projects correctly, you could save money in the long run and avoid any house damages!

Core remodeling have collected some important home improvement projects in a 2-part blog series.  First, our Apex remodeling team will focus on indoor projects that are best to schedule in the Fall. You could enjoy our warm North Carolina Fall weather while improving your house!

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Upgrade Front Door and Windows

Temperatures drop as the leaves start to fall. During autumn, you may notice drafts of cold air leaking in through your windows. If you have old, single-pane windows, you might lose a large amount of heat in Winter. Replacing them with energy-efficient, double-paned upgrades is a smart investment that can quickly pay for itself. You can save money on your heating bill in the long term.

Our specialists in custom window replacement could help you, see our home window replacement for more information.

Interior Painting

house renovation contractor apexWarm Fall days are perfect for indoor painting. The climate from Summer is often too humid for paint to dry properly and in Winter, the lack of ventilation can increase drying times. North Carolina weather in Fall provides a perfect opportunity. It is easy to open up windows and ensure there is a slight breeze that will both reduce the paint smell and dry it quickly.

Flooring & Cleaning

Like interior painting, Fall is a great time for both flooring installation and carpet cleaning in your Apex home. Whether you are looking to install a new wood floor, carpet or even tile you might consider in doing it during Fall. Some types of flooring adhesives need the temperature of the house to be between 75 and 80 degrees. If you are doing it in Winter, the cold air can be a little damp and can stop the glue from drying properly, causing some bonding problems. You might want to give an Apex contractor a call and get started on your floor renovation during the Fall. Visit our Carpet Replacement page to see how our experts can help you.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

Programmable thermostats save money without sacrificing your comfort by using less energy on your heat and cooling energy. With this installation, you would be able to manage your the temperature of your house while you are away from home, asleep or at any other specific times you select. As an added benefit, they are more accurate and convenient to use than manual thermostats and programmable thermostats do not contain toxic mercury found in traditional models.

Finishing Your Apex Basement


Once the cold Winter is here, where are you going to send the kids to play? Fall is the perfect time to design your basement into a finished room you might enjoy for years. Whether a play room, office or guest room, finishing your Apex basement can add value to your house and can give you up to 75% return on investment. Visit our Home addition page to get some inspirations!

Additional Mud Room

Mud, leaves, dirt and snow all come racing into your home when fall approaches. Instead of having everyone trail through your house with dirty shoes, build a mud room for shoes and jackets. Your house’s hardwood floors will stay clean a little bit longer every day. Be creative and original with some fun color painting!

Trust Core Remodeling Group, Inc. for your Fall Renovation!

Visit us next month for the second part of our best Fall home improvements projects as we look at how you can update your homes exterior!

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