Custom Cabintry Options for the Kitchen

Looking for new cabinets? Tons of Americans are. Many of us aren’t happy with the cabinets that we inherited from the homes that we purchased, but we often don’t know where to begin when it comes to looking for cabinets for our kitchen or our bathroom.

Custom Cabinet Options

It’s important before you do anything, to ask yourself why you do not like your current cabinets. Whether it be the finish or the type of cabinet, it’s  important to know what you’re looking for in your next purchase because cabinets are a bit more complicated than you would think.

Here are three factors that you need to think about in reference, to your next cabinet option:

  • The Types of Cabinet – There are a variety of types of cabinets out there and it’s important that you know, what you’re looking for. Custom cabinetry is possible from a number of known cabinetry makers, but if you’re looking for something a bit more price efficient you can always find stock cabinets to use.
  • Wood Types – Beyond types of cabinetry, you’ll also have to ask yourself what kind of wood type that you want in your cabinets. There are a bunch of options available from Oak Wood to Maple Wood cabinets, depending on your tastes and the contractor that you are using.
  • Finish Types – Once you have your wood type and type of cabinetry fixed, it’s important that you understand what kind of finish you want. You can stick to the plain wood look or add a stain or paint it. Your finish type can often can not only add a glowing effect to your wood, but it can also add years to its life.

Yes, picking a cabinet type can be a bit harder than first imagined but that’s but that’s because it can be even more costly if you don’t take your time with it.

Looking for flooring options?

Core Remodeling, Inc. is excited to offer a variety of flooring options for those who are in need. We offer full-service cabinetry options for those who are looking to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. For more options call (919) 290-2909 or send us a message via our submission form.

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