Is Your Apex, NC Home Ready for the Holiday Season?

While joyful, the holidays can put a lot of stress on both you and your home, so it’s important that you prepare your home for more cooking, guests, more foot traffic, weather changes, and potential little ones with big curiosities.

It’s smart to have a list of things to keep on hand when you’re planning to have more visitors than normal. Things like:

  • Batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit
  • Burn cream
  • Ice packs
  • Candles and matches
  • A flashlight
  • Carpet and fabric spot remover
  • Air freshener

For many people, “prepping your home for the holidays” means decorating and organizing but it’s important to make sure your home makes it through the holidays intact. It isn’t hard be prepared ahead of time as long as you set aside the time needed to be thorough and careful in your checking and upkeep.

Things to Check & Change Throughout Your Home

We will start in the kitchen for this one, since you’ll likely be stretching the legs of the appliances that don’t always get a lot of attention.

Make sure you tighten loose cabinet hinges, loose drawer and door pulls, and if necessary try to declutter so you won’t have to dig through a drawer of junk in a hurry when the turkey needs basting or a cake needs frosting.

Next, you may want to sharpen your knives, especially the ones you find yourself reaching for most. This will allow you to carve the bird with ease and chop vegetables in a snap, which can all make holiday meals go much smoother.home remodel apex

It’s smart to check the oven temperature as well. As your oven ages, it may lose accuracy which could mean over or undercooked food for you and your guests. Your oven will likely be getting a lot of use so try to give it a little tune up of its own. While you may not want to put the stress of the self-cleaning cycle on it right now, you can clean the inside and racks, clean off the top and sweep out the drawer underneath that tends to gather crumbs.

Other appliances you’ll want to tune are the dishwasher, which may require cleaning, draining of the bottom tub area, removing food remains and detergent residue, cleaning the strainer and drain, and checking the dishwasher tub for pieces of plastic and stray utensils. The coffee maker may need a quick cleaning as well as the microwave in order to work in tiptop shape. Check the doors and door gaskets on the fridge to make sure they open and close correctly without letting the cold air out.

The washer and dryer may need a little bit of love as well. Clean the dryer lint vent and collecting areas and if necessary run the washer with a washer-cleaning tablet to ensure they’re working well the whole season.

Check all of your fire and CO2 detectors and change batteries if you need to.

Sweep and disinfect floors, prep your vacuum by emptying and wiping out the canister, cleaning all connections and checking for knots or clogs.

Tune up the toilet by replacing worn out valves, tightening mounting bolts, and giving the whole thing a good disinfecting.

Finally, change burned out light bulbs and put down slip proof strips to keep area rugs in place. This will help to make your home slip and fall-proof.

Does Your Home in Apex, NC Need More Than Just A Check-Up this Holiday Season?

The home remodeling and renovation experts at Core Remodeling understand how important it is that your home is running well for the holidays. A broken toilet or leaky faucet can put undue stress on both you and your house, but we’re here to help.

Give the experienced Apex home contractors at Core Remodeling a call 919-290-2909 today or complete the online contact form and let us help you get your home ready for the holidays.

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