Attic Finishing and Remodeling

Attic Finishing & Remodeling

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Apex Attic Finishing and Remodeling

Your Apex home’s attic could be the best choice for your next home remodeling project.

Finishing an attic will help to increase your homes resale value and improve your overall living space. At CORE Remodeling Group, we have designed and created custom attic rooms for Apex and Cary residents for nearly 20 years.

Transform Your Apex Attic Space

Turning your attic into a newly finished space can accommodate many needs in a home. From a guest bedroom to climate controlled storage, your Apex attic can be the dream home addition you have been waiting for. Depending on the amount of space you have in your attic, there are a vast array of custom designs that our team can build for you!

Any attic remodel will require a certain spacial requirement in order to be feasible. An attic designed for a bedroom or other human occupation will require significantly different requirements to meet local code.

Common Attic Remodels

At CORE Remodeling, we are often tasked with creating a unique living space for our clients. Because of our experience, local home owners know they can trust our team to complete the project and exceed their expectation in the process.

Here are a few attic styles that we have completed:

Attic Apartment – the attic apartment can be partial or fully functional. Depending on if you just want a guest room, or a full scale and rentable space. A full scale apartment can include a kitchen, bath and bedroom.

Attic Closet – turn your attic into a massive closet! Are you tired of running out of room in your bedroom closet? Set up a climate controlled seasonal attic to eliminate your bedroom clutter.

Attic Game room/Theater/Recreation – an attic is a great place for a recreational room as long as you have flooring to dampen noise. Some of our clients have added full wet bars, pool tables and even music studios in their attics.

Office or Study – attics are a great place for a home office.

Storage – the standard of any attic space is storage room. Most homes are built with limited storage, and as families grow, so do their storage needs. An attic is the perfect place to store holiday decorations and old furnishings. Close off your basement from the elements by finishing the space to prevent pests and damages to your personal items from extreme temperature changes.

Requirements to Finish Your Attic


If not already built into the home, your attic remodel will first require adding stairs for access. Our remodeling team can even upgrade your existing staircase to improve the look and layout in your home.

Be sure to consider what furniture you will be moving to the attic space, when deciding the type of stairs you want, and the location the staircase will be set in the home.

Here are some common stair requirements:

Living Space Code Requirements

Local code states that for an attic to accommodate a livable space that the area must meet or exceed the spacial requirements of:

7 feet wide x 7 feet high x 70 sq feet of space

Joists and Framework

Additional to living space, your attic framework will be an important factor to consider. Most homes are built with either an A shaped or a W shaped truss.

A Frame – required to finish attic
W Frame – trusses will not work for attic finishing due to load bearing needs. Cutting out W trusses will result in compromising the structural integrity of the house frame.

Attic Flooring and Joists

Remember that anything you place in your attic will increase the weight placed on your flooring and joists. For example, if you intend to turn your attic into a guest bedroom with bath, then you need to account for the additional weight of water in a full tub. The remodeling team at CORE will make sure your attic is reinforced for heavy furnishings.

Climate Control

Unfinished attics are designed with ventilation to allow for moisture and heat to escape so as not to damage the roofing material and to prevent mold build up. Finishing your Apex attic will seal the space, not allowing for moisture and heat to escape. At CORE Remodeling, you can be sure that our team will take care of all the aspects of climate control in your basement.

The team will prepare your attic by installing:

Insulation – properly rated insulation will keep your attic comfortable in the most extreme temperature.

Ventilation and HVAC – you will need to have and HVAC and ventilation system that can handle filtering, heating and cooling the new acquired space. Your current system may be inadequate and need an upgrade. A CORE Remodeling attic specialist will help you determine if your system is adequate for the task.


Depending on the head space in your attic, there are numerous options for interior lighting.

  • Recessed
  • Hanging
  • Track
  • Fans

Another consideration is whether you will need to have a new electrical panel box to handle the extra power needed for the room.

Ideas for Your Newly Finished Apex Attic

At CORE Remodeling, we want our clients to enjoy all the bells and whistles that go along with a home remodel. Here are some custom options that can really help give your attic that special touch.

Custom Shelving/Cabinetry/Bookcase

Our team can build custom cabinetry into your homes walls or maybe inside your staircase to save room in your attic.

Custom Molding

Crown molding can really make a room pop. Why not accent your attic with custom designed molding from CORE Remodeling Group!

Window Designs

Creative window design can be a boost to your attics overall appeal. There are several great options that can work for an Apex attic. Here are some common window styles built into attics from CORE Remodeling.

  • Bay windows
  • Skylights
  • Energy Efficient
  • Sash windows
  • Bow windows

Let Our Experienced Designers Create a New Attic Space for Your Apex Home!

Don’t wait to turn that attic into a brand new room for guests or a private new home office. Our team can create the living space of your dreams by listening to your ideas, and turning them into reality.

Our team will plan for your new space, submit for any necessary permits, and complete any necessary construction to complete your project.

Contact an Apex Attic Remodeling Consultant today at 919-290-2909 or complete the online contact form for more details on transforming your attic.