Basement Finishing and Remodeling

Basement Finishing & Remodeling

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Apex Basement Finishing and Remodeling

Although many North Carolina homes do not have basements, the homes that do have a great advantage to improve living space. Whether your home’s basement is already finishing and needs an update or your basement is still just a framework, CORE Remodeling Group has the ability to help you turn your dream into a reality.

Why Finish Your Apex Basement?

A lot of home owners envision remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, while thinking “one day, I’ll get to that basement.” But, at CORE Remodeling, we think that if your home has a basement, then that is a fantastic place to start.

For one, most basements have easy access to exposed plumbing and electrical lines. Typically, when we begin a project, a basement just has the framework exposed and this eliminates the need for demolition of existing structure. This can reduce the time needed to complete the project. Additionally, even with an existing finished basement, most homeowners aren’t actively using the space, which helps eliminate disruption of day to day living during the renovation.

Details of an Apex Basement Remodeling Project

Depending on your vision, CORE Remodeling will design a basement that meets your needs and is practical. Designs can be elaborate or basic depending on the project.

Basic basement remodeling or finishing will require:

Framing – installing walls and other structures like bath areas, shelving, fireplaces that will be present in your new basement
Plumbing – new plumbing lines will be installed to handle sinks, baths, toilets and even water lines for refrigerators/ice-makers
Electrical – lighting and sockets are essential to any room
HVAC duct installation – climate control is a must in a finished basement
Insulation -for climate control and noise reduction
Drywall – this will provide the basic finishing touch to a remodel. This is when your living space becomes functional.

Custom basement remodeling will include:

Paint – painting your walls will liven the area and create the atmosphere that you are seeking in the room
Flooring – hardwoods, carpet and tile flooring are common requests to cover the cement floor of a basement foundation
Customization – this is where your vision comes to life. Do you want custom shelving or a wet bar? How about a wine cellar? We can add tile back splashes to wall space in basement baths and mini kitchens.

Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Apex Basement Remodel

Ceiling Height and Design

Ceiling height is important for your basement remodel. It can work for you or against you depending on your basement’s intended purpose. Ask what is the purpose of the space, can the ceiling accommodate your wants or needs?

A low ceiling is acceptable if you are focused on laundry, storage or as a wine cellar. But, if you intend to entertain guests or use the space for recreation like a billiards room, a low ceiling can stop you before you begin. Consider your ceiling height after closing in the space and adding layers for flooring.

There are a couple ceiling options for homeowners:

  • Suspended Tiles – access tiles similar to those in an office building. Easy access to plumbing and electrical in case of leaks.
  • Smooth Drywall – solid ceiling. Will require cutting out a section to access plumbing or wiring if necessary and will have to be repaired afterward.

Apex Basement Framing

Framing plays a factor in the function of your basement. The layout you choose will greatly depend on the space you have available, but remember the primary purpose of your redesign. If your basement is large enough, you may be able to create multiple rooms, like a kitchenette, bath and bedroom or you could be reduced to one big room if your goal is a home gym.

Don’t forget the stairs leading to your basement. There will need to be enough space to safely add or remove furniture and appliances. Remember function is as important as visual appeal.

Insulating Your Apex Basement

Insulation provides a few different functions. The most common is for heating and cooling needs. Because basements are underground, they do not get a lot of sunlight and are generally cooler, but if you want to spend winter months down in the basement, then additional insulation is a definite requirement. Secondly, noise reduction. Hollow walls allow sound to travel throughout the house if not insulated. Insulation muffles sound by absorbing the vibrations that cause sound to travel.

Wall Finishing

A custom finished basement allows the homeowner to choose a variety of wall options. A few common options are:

  • Drywall – most common. Can be painted and fairly easy to clean.
  • Wood tones – can be costly. Wood walls in a basement can be classy and elegant or look outdated easily. Choose your paneling wisely.

Moisture Reduction

Possibly the most important aspect of any basement remodel is the management of moisture. If your basement is damp, dank and inhabited by insects, then your Apex basement project will require additional preparation. All moisture will need to be removed and the basement sealed and waterproofed to prevent future build up. Otherwise, your beautiful new basement will begin to smell like mildew and eventually become mold laden.

It is also important to realize, most plumbing lines are run below the first level of the home. This can lead to basement flooding if a pipe bursts. Our team will make sure you have a drain or sump pump system in place to removed excess water


Your basement flooring is probably an afterthought, but it is an important part of the design and comfort of your newly remodeled basement.

Most basements are prepared on a cement slab foundation. This is hard and cold surface will need to be prepped depending on your choice of flooring and function of the basement.

First to prepare the cement slab, CORE Remodeling will create a moisture barrier between the cement and the new flooring. After prepping the surface, the remodel team will begin laying your new basement flooring.

Here are a few types of flooring types that we have proudly installed in Apex basements:

  • carpet – standard flooring for comfort and visual appeal
  • hardwoods – great for recreation rooms, bars and home offices
  • tile – a clean, fancy way to increase quality of design for laundry and baths
  • rubber coating – great for home gyms and workshops

Ideas for Your Apex Basement Remodel

CORE Remodeling has been providing homeowners or Apex, Cary and the local area with custom basement designs since 1997. In that time our teams have been tasked with turning a homeowners vision into a beautiful reality. Here are some of our commonly requested basement designs:

  • Wine cellar
  • Spa/sauna
  • Bed and Bath
  • Living room
  • Recreation room/play room
  • Game room
  • Movie theater
  • Music/art studio
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Laundry

Finish or Remodel Your Apex Home’s Basement

Regardless of your needs, at CORE Remodeling, our goal satisfy our clients needs. So whether you need a new home gym or a new recreation room for guests, our team can accomplish the task.

Contact an Apex basement remodeling consultant at CORE Remodeling Group today at 919-290-2909 or complete the online contact form for more details on transforming your basement.