Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Trendy, Functional Custom Frameless Swing Door Enclosures

Feature-piece shower enclosures are replacing bathtubs everywhere as homeowners opt for a more functional, stylized bathroom design. CORE Remodeling installs premium shower enclosures that complement the tastes of our many clients throughout the Apex, Cary, and Holly Springs, NC areas. Over the course of our two-decade long history in the area, we’ve grown familiar with homeowner expectations and have consistently delivered exceptionally-remodeled bathrooms, shower enclosures and all.

Frameless Showers

If you are like many homeowners, a frameless shower featuring wide glass panels and high-end plumbing fixtures is a thing of beauty. Lending itself to both modern and traditional decor, a frameless shower is a great option for those looking for a fresh, open master bath. CORE Remodeling can install a new frameless shower enclosure in your home, providing you great benefits like:

  • Customization. Frameless glass shower enclosures can be customized to fit any space, creating a bathroom feature unlike any other you may see elsewhere.

  • Complementary style. Not only will a frameless shower match your design, it will highlight any tile work you may want to feature in the walls of the shower.

  • Easy to clean. Frameless showers are the easiest to keep clean. All it takes is a spray of glass cleaner to prevent unwanted build-up or mold.

Sliding & Semi-Framed Showers

Sliding shower doors are popular among many of our clients for a variety of reasons. If you are remodeling several bathrooms in your home and would like them to match, identical shower enclosures with sliding doors can be installed. Although CORE Remodeling can match them to one another, sliding-door showers and other semi-framed options can still be customized to your tastes. We are happy to deliver a completely personalized shower enclosure, whether it features a sliding door, metal frame, or other feature. Homeowners choose these shower enclosures because they:

  • Use space efficiently in smaller spaces
  • Can be customized to match hardware throughout the rest of the bathroom
  • Can be built in any shape to fit any square footage in a bathroom.

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