Siding & Exterior Trim

Siding & Exterior Trim

Exterior Siding with Style and Time-Tested Durability

Siding is an excellent medium for introducing a home’s color and design. Today’s homeowner has many options when choosing siding materials and exterior trim colors, all of which offer a fair amount of pros and cons. At CORE Remodeling, we work with homeowners in the Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, and Raleigh, NC areas to install siding that provides a facelift and preserves internal integrity. Contact our siding installation professionals today to learn more about our many exterior remodeling services.

Vinyl Siding, Aluminum, Wood, and More

Siding can be muted or bright, traditional or modern, unique or understated. For a truly custom siding installation, CORE Remodeling is the trusted name in North Carolina’s Triangle region. With a variety of materials in an assortment of colors, we have the tools and supplies to revamp your home with the premium siding you want. Many clients come to us for trendy siding materials, like:

  • Vinyl siding. Easily maintained and perhaps the most popular siding option, vinyl provides a wide-range of design possibilities. The newest vinyl siding options are unlike what many homeowners may be familiar with—we only install the highest-quality vinyl siding available.

  • Wood siding. Durable and warm, wood siding is favored in certain home styles and is often used in conjunction with other materials like natural stone and brick. Developing a completely custom wood siding design is what we do at CORE Remodeling, whether you already know what that design should look like or not.

  • Aluminum siding. Aluminum is a great option for people looking for a long-lasting, relatively-easily maintained siding material. CORE has installed aluminum siding on many homes in a variety of textures. Whether you prefer an aluminum siding that mimics wood or appears sleek and modern, we can help.

Exterior Trim & Molding

Much like interior trim and molding, exterior trim is a “finishing touch” that can add polish and refinement to any home. CORE offers many types of exterior trim and molding that not only add color variety, but architectural appeal as well. For older homes and relatively new properties, this is a feature that can completely change a design. We embrace the small changes that breathe new life into a home’s exterior, including things like:

  • Gable pediments
  • Dentil molding
  • Entryway columns
  • Pilasters

Featuring materials that complement your home’s interior, like: wood, brick, and natural stone, CORE’s exterior trim and molding options are a great choice for subtle styling. Our designers are happy to work with you to find style-specific trim and molding you can be happy about for years to come.

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