4 Super Cool Kitchen Lighting Trends

It’s important that your kitchen be well lit–wouldn’t want any accidents–but it’s also key to install lighting in your kitchen that reflects the energy of your home and your family. There are all kinds of creative lighting tactics and ideas that can speak to your tastes and needs.

4 Super Cool Kitchen Lighting Trends in Apex



Glass Bowls: This open kitchen is brought down to earth with these low-hanging chain pendant lamps. The candle-esque lights have worn out chain link detail and are surrounded by glass bowls. These lights are both rustic and modern and they add a bit of charm and character to this otherwise quite sleek kitchen.

Inventive Metal: This traditional kitchen is given a modern twist by the metalwork in its hanging lights. The marble countertops and dark leather of the chairs are offset by the unique structure of the lights. The spherical metallic design pulls the basic white cylinders into the 21st century and heightens the sophistication of the whole room.


Straight-up Chandeliers Don’t be afraid to be bold! This kitchen utilizes an all-white theme and pulls the haughty room together with two delicate chandeliers above the island. This kitchen is glamorous and sleek–a look that’s hard to pull off but that couldn’t be done without the chandeliers.


Covert Colors: If you’re looking for a way to add a pop of color to your kitchen, look no further than a cone lantern suspended from your ceiling! The matte black exterior of the cone accentuates the pop of yellow underneath. Whether your kitchen is already beaming like a rainbow, or if you need a subtle way to liven up a dull space, these lights are sure to bring your kitchen to life.

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